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Winter is entering the last part of it, so enjoy the last days of cold with some of this great spirits and wines!
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Agavales, Silver, Oaxaca Mexico
Agavales, Silver, Tequila Mexico 1L
Our Price: $19.99

a bright and peppery agave-soaked tingle that had big notes of bight mint, menthol and spice in its liquid load. Though the main taste structure was quite thin in the mouth, the loudness of the spices made up for the lack of complexity.
Kings County, Moonshine, Brooklyn
Kings County, Moonshine, Brooklyn New York, 200ml
Our Price: $23.99

Corn whiskey made from 80% New York State organic corn and 20% Scottish malted barley. It is double distilled, It distinguishes itself from other unaged whiskeys in that it is refined and highly drinkable, with a bright and intense flavor. While moonshine is a word that conjures a lot of fiery opinions, Kings County is smooth and compares to a good clear whiskey made from a mountain still.
Espolon Tequila Blanco 750ML
Espolon Tequila Blanco 750ML
Our Price: $26.99

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 93 points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2011 Finalist. The aromatics are quite rich and fruity with baked tropical fruits taking the lead with accents of sweet lime and herbs. The silky soft and fruity core that make this Blanco an ideal cocktail base..March/2011
FAIR Quinoa Vodka, Fairvalley,
FAIR Quinoa Vodka, Fairvalley, 750ML
Our Price: $30.99


FAIR Quinoa Vodka is the world's only vodka made from organic healthy quinoa seeds.
This Vodka is made from a three-step proprietary process, developed during a two-year joint reserch project between a distiller and the Bolivian quinoa cooperative farmers. This includes preparing a beer prior to final distillation. Multiple filtrations ensure the final clarity and purity of taste.


A rich and complex vodka, with several levels of tasting experiences... drink at room temperature to fully enjoy its wide range of aromatic and taste sensations. Exceptionally smooth finish...


- Chicago BTI 2013: Platinium Medal (96pts)
- 50 Best Imports 2012: Best Tasting Vodka
- SF Word Spirits 2011: Gold Medal
- Chicago BTI 2010: Gold Medal
- NY Spirits Awards 2009: Best vodka

Woody Creek Distillers, Potato Vodka
Woody Creek Distillers, Signature Potato Vodka 750ml
Our Price: $30.99

Woody Creek Distillers signature Potato Vodka is made from three ingredients: potatoes (native Colorado Rio Grande russet, Chepita and Lady Claire), mountain spring water and yeast. After being washed and mashed onsite at the distillery, the potato ma...

Woody Creek Distillers is the first and only craft distillery in the United States with control over every element of vodka production. WCD grows its own potatoes at Scanlan Family Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado, and sources local fruits, grains and mountain spring water to produce its line of ultra-premium American spirits.

Caledonia Spirits  "Barr Hill Gin"
Caledonia Spirits, "Barr Hill Gin" - A Spirit of Vermont. 375ml
List Price: $33.99
Our Price: $33.99
Sale Price: $33.99

Todd Hardie's 40 years of of bee-keeping experience brings a deep respect of nature to his most recent venture into the world of spirits. His approach is unique in that only two ingredients are used; juniper during distillation and his raw northern honey at time of bottling. Wonderful texture and sweet floral notes make this gin a real stand-out!
An amazing taste of Vermont, NY.

Fidencio Mezcal, Sin Humo Mezcal, Oaxaca,
Fidencio Mezcal, Sin Humo Mezcal, Oaxaca, Mexico 750ml
Our Price: $34.99

Biodynamic, Organic

Fidencio Mezcal embodies the tradition and creativity of Oaxaca. With four generations of knowledge and the finest estate grown agave, Fidencio is a unique mezcal that is pure agave. Using 100% Espadín agave let to mature at least 10 years.
Our first release, Fidencio Sin Humo is a small batch, artisanal mezcal that is roasted with out wood. The flavor is a balance of fruit, agave and spice. The feeling is smooth and clean. In 2011 we release two more mezcals, Clásico and Pechuga. Clásico is a traditional, Oaxacan mezcal roasted in a wood-fired earthen oven. The flavor is a complex balance of fruit, spice and smoke. Pechuga is a seasonal, celebration mezcal that is produced in tiny batches. We use our Clásico as the base and distill it a third with our mixture of fruit. Suspended inside the cap of the still is a chicken breast, which rounds out the flavors. The result is a delightful combination of tropical fruits and subtle smokiness.
Roundhouse Spirits, Corretto, Coffee Liqueur, Colorado 750ml
Roundhouse Spirits, Corretto, Coffee Liqueur, Colorado 750ml
Our Price: $35.99

Roundhouse Spirits "Corretto" Coffee Liqueur is handcrafted from organic, free-trade beans which are hand selected by blind roaster Gerry Leary of The Unseen Bean. Distiller Ted Palmer brews the coffee using a cold toddy process, blends the coffee with high quality neutral grain spirit, adds a touch of whole vanilla bean, then sweetens it with cane sugar and light molasses. Offering the rich, robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee and the perfect balance of sweetness, "Corretto" Coffee Liqueur is a treat for the senses.
Mezcal Unión, Oaxaca, Mexico
Mezcal Unión, Oaxaca, Mexico 750ml
Our Price: $36.99

Mezcal Unión is produced and distilled in San Baltazar, in the state of
Oaxaca. It is made with two different types of agave: Espadín and Cirial
and is produced by a group of families. Families that form part of the Union
of Mezcal have more than three generations producing mezcal as their main
craft. Palenques are the distilleries where these families produce their artisanal
mezcal. Archipiélago is a company devoted to bring together different projects
that exceed expectations. One of these is Mezcal Unión.
Menjurje de Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur, Puebla Mexico 750ml
Menjurje de Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur, Puebla Mexico 750ml
Our Price: $38.99

Ancho Reyes is born from
the sacred earth of Puebla,
an original liquid as unique and independent as the ancho chile from which it is made.

Deep bronze hue with medium body and high viscosity

Slightly pungent, followed by dried chile notes, spices,
cinnamon, cocoa, tamarind, and wet wood with light
herbal notes adding to the complexity

Pleasantly sweet, followed by chile with moderate heat and slight acidity. Hints of spices, tamarind, plum, cacao, apple and almonds then subtle notes of fine herbs. A pleasantly lingering
pungent taste on the finish.
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